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Hop into the "Way-Back Machine" and listen to some of the best music from the 60's, 70's and 80's, live. Listen to the deep vocal harmonies that permeate the classic rock and pop you love to listen to, but other bands don't, can't, or won't play. Dance the night away to The Beatles, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, ZZ Top, CCR, the Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, The Barenaked Ladies, and so much more. 


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With so much great music to choose from, The Bar Chords plays the same stuff we love to listen to; Pop and Rock songs from the 60's through today, with some Blues mixed in. Check out the partial song list on our music page.


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From bars, clubs, private parties and corporate events to charity fundraisers and public venues, The Bar Chords are always looking for places to play. Know a place that needs live music? Let us know.

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